Noshakh – Authentically Afghani!

The last time I went to an authentic Afghani restaurant was in Islamabad back in 2005. Since then, I’ve not had the pleasure of enjoying the Afghani cuisine, until this weekend.

Located in Sector FF, DHA Phase 4, we all ventured our way to the restaurant Noshakh. Noshakh is Afghanistan’s highest mountain peak and the second highest in the Hindu-Kush range of mountains.

Noshakh is a no-fuss restaurant and it’s as simple as it gets– where the focus is on the food.


The Main Entrance– the kitchen is in basement
Traditional seating at the entrance
Noshakh Interiors


As I was speaking with the manager, I was told that the recipes are authentically Afgahi and the chef and the cooks are mostly from Peshawar, who are skilled and trained to cook the food as authentically as possible.



Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Noshakh was a hit through and through!


The chicken malai boti was my favorite- soft, tender, juicy and not at all spicy!
The chapli kebab– personally not too fond of it myself, but others around the table raved about it
Seekh Kebabs– prepared and cooked to perfection.
My other highlight of the evening– the karahi. The flavors and aroma just drew me and as I had this particular dish, I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Others mentioned how this particular dish was more Peshawar-oriented and less Afghani.



As always, we needed desserts to end our satisfying meal. So we ordered gulab jamun, which in my opinion, were actually one of the best in Lahore.


Noshakh¬†is a great addition to Lahore’s market of traditional food. There are other places too that serve Afghani food, which may be great as well, but Noshakh has done a brilliant job. I am sure to return here one more time to satisfy my cravings.

Price wise, it’s reasonable too– as it works out to be approximately Rs. 1000 per person- and given how great the food was, we thought it was a great deal.

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