How to Fail

Elizabeth Day shows us how she endured her failures to become the person she is today: strong, successful and fulfilled.

Dare To Be You

Billed as Pakistan’s first English Self-Development book, Dare To Be You wants you to discover your true potential and be the best version of yourselves!

Mera Jism Mera Hai (My Body is Mine)

A short book on educating children about understanding and protecting their bodies from being abused- should be read by parents and children together.

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Enduring Racism and Trauma, Maya shows how she overcame her difficult moments through character and resilience in 60s deep southern America.

Together is Better

What happens when of of the friends stands up to a bully? They find out their real purpose in life, and success as a group!

Sea Prayer

The rough journey of a refugee father and son seeking an escape. Prepared to be emotionally stirred up.

Imagining Lahore

Rediscover Lahore as we connect the present to the past, with a lot of hidden gems hiding beneath the busy facade of Lahore.

Funny in Farsi

From Iran to California, a look at the humorous coming-of-age life story of Firoozeh and her family.