No Rules Rules

The co-founder of Netflix shows us how they’ve been able to scale their business on to a global platform through their unusual business practices.

Losing Our Minds

The perfect book to understand what mental illness is and isn’t. Includes chapters on social media and adolescents.

Lahore by Metro

A beautiful collection of personal portraits of people traveling on the Lahore Metro bus system. These stories will definitely touch you in various ways. It’s a side of Lahore you will be delighted to experience.


Essentially detailing the debacle of Fyre Festival, we get to understand how the influencer culture works and why we fall for them.


Dr. Siegel shows us how we can restructure our brain patterns to truly become more authentic. Essential reading for any therapist.


How to breathe your way back to restorative health. Incredible and powerful!

An Ugly Truth

With an unprecedented growth, Facebook had to face many issues- from privacy, to Rohingya massacre to Trump presidency. An Ugly Truth lays it all out and finally holds Facebook accountable for its deeds.

My Sh*t Therapist

Michelle talks about her life as a patient of depression, and her challenges on a day to day basis, one that includes being with some sh*tty therapists.