Meeting Awais Khan

Meeting Awais Khan, the accomplished author from Lahore, has been a huge inspiration for me.


Siddhartha and Govinda, two friends, seek out to find enlightenment. Govinda finds it in Buddhist teachings, while Siddhartha carries on in search for his life’s meaning.

Conversations with Friends

Frances and Bobbi lives are changed when they meet Melissa and her husband Nick- and things go awry when Bobbi starts to fall for Nick.

A Little Life

The lives of four college friends, as they venture out into the real world- with one friend hiding a dark secret that wreaks havoc on all relationships when the secret is out.

All the Light We Cannot See

6 Year old blind girl Marie-Laure in France and eight year old Werner in Germany are two children caught up in the WW2. They provide support to each other and fight against all odds and show that people can do good to others.


Less is turning 50, and his ex-partner of 9 years is getting married to someone else. Even though Less is invited, he decides to not go and instead travel the world.

The Underground Railroad

Cora, a black slave woman, intends to escape her plantation through the underground railroads. However, her master Ridgeway is in hot pursuit and wants to capture, at all costs.

An Unreliable Man

Lonely Jakop attends funerals to kill time. He pretends to know the deceased and lies to others about his connections. But soon enough, he lands in trouble as his lies don’t hold up.

The Hunting Party

A reunion among friends in remote Scottish wilderness. They discover a dead body. It’s a murder. Who among them is a killer?