Urban Kitchen

Dining out at Urban Kitchen was fun and lively– and the Mac n Cheese just made me fall in love with the eatery!

Sumo- A 失敗 (Shippai) Japanese Experience

After several months of waiting, I finally managed to try out Sumo, the Japanese fusion eatery located in DHA. Situated snuggly above Mandarin Kitchen, I was expecting to be blown away after reading rave reviews of Sumo on various online food groups and in Sunday magazines.     Having arrived at 11pm, after having attended…

Cafe Beirut- From Lebanon to Lahore (almost!)

Having been invited to try out newly opened Cafe Beirut, I was hoping to be transported back to the Middle East with Lebanese flavors and aromas– this cafe succeeded, just about.

Che-Won: From Korea to Lahore!

It had been more than four years since I went to Udon House, a small Korean eatery that had opened up by a cute Korean couple. The woman would prepare and cook the meals herself in the open plan kitchen, and I remember at that time how popular it had become with the Lahoris. Last…

The Balcony- Sorry Excuse for a Restaurant

Several months ago, I noticed a new restaurant had opened up in the now very popular Mall 1 area (which is overcrowded with a plethora of restaurants now) called The Balcony. From the outside, the eatery looked gorgeous, with diners sitting on the balcony. However, when we ended up here last night, it was a…