Dune- The Movie

Dune- the visually stunning masterpiece of a movie- see it on the big screen only!

Breams Gives Me Hiccups

From Jesse Eisenberg, here are some witty and funny short stories. However, the humour dies out towards the end.

Instant Family

A movie about a couple adopting children. We’ve seen it all before, haven’t we? We know what will happen- the routine where the couple adopts the kids, bring them home, struggle to accept them and their behavior and waiting impatiently to hear the kids utter the words mom and dad. YET, in the hands of…


How many of us were overly excited when at the end of Split we saw David Dunn (Bruce Willis) sitting at a coffee shop? I know I was! That ending led all the fans of Unbreakable into overdrive, churning out theories of how both movies are set in the same universe and how could they…

A Quiet Place

Sheer terror, A Quiet Place, left me breathless and full of tension till the last minute- and I loved it!

A Curious Mind

“I want to show you how valuable curiosity can be, and remind you how much fun it is. I want to show you how I use it, and how you can use it. Life isn’t about finding answers, it’s about asking questions.”

Black Panther

There is a lot of hype and buzz around Black Panther. Early reviews, critics and fans, have praised the movie like anything. Rotten Tomatoes have given Black Panther a 98% rating, which is pretty high for a new movie. So, it was with much anticipation and high expectations that we finally managed to make it…

The Commuter

My first reaction to hearing of Liam Neeson’s new movie The Commuter was “oh no! not again! this movie will be Taken part god knows what now!” I have to admit I made a mistake. I thoroughly enjoyed The Commuter, and have new found respect for Liam Neeson. All associations with Taken series of movies…

Insidious: The Last Key

It was my birthday in 2011 when I had all my friends gather in my home theater to watch Insidious. No doubt, that was one scary movie and everyone had a rollicking good time. Flash forward two sequels later, and a third sequel screened in the cinema in 2018, I feel like the Insidious series…