In October 2016, I embarked on a journey towards Psychotherapy at Therapyworks, which in turn is affiliated with CPCAB.

This was something I had never envisaged I would do, and it all began in July, 2016.


I have always been the one in my circle of friends who would listen to them. My friends would call me up, ask me for advice, or merely just vent out. It just so happened that in a span of one week, five friends and one relative, who were all talking to me about their issues, told me that I should become a therapist. I laughed it off initially, till one of them pushed me further to actually apply for the course.

Upon completion of the Certificate Course (Level III), I jumped straight into the next step: Diploma Level-IV (2018-2020). I am currently working as a psychotherapist (under training) at Therapyworks. I am also registered with the CPCAB body in the UK, enabling me to work there as well.

Should anyone be interested, they can always reach out to me by emailing me at or call/ message me on +92-347-4004-777.