Meeting Awais Khan

Meeting Awais Khan, the accomplished author from Lahore, has been a huge inspiration for me.

Imagining Lahore

Rediscover Lahore as we connect the present to the past, with a lot of hidden gems hiding beneath the busy facade of Lahore.

This House of Clay and Water

Nida, Sasha and Bhaangi all connect with each other to form forbidden friendships in a conservative, patriarchal society in Lahore.

The How of Happiness

Backed with evidence and scientific data, Sonja shows us how to successfully achieve happiness.

In The Company of Strangers

A fiction based in Lahore, we follow the lives of Mona and Ali who embark on a forbidden romance amidst the backdrop of covert parties, drugs and extremism.

Mamma Mia

A fun night out watching the classic Mamma Mia!