How To Survive The End of the World (when it’s in your own head)

There are enough books and resources out there to guide you how to survive the end of the world—in case there are some natural disasters, a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear attack. However, there aren’t that many books on how to survive the end of the world—when it’s all in your head.

Yes, folks, here we finally have a book that will take you right into the mind of an anxious driven man, the pain and anguish he goes through but ultimately how he eventually conquers his mind to overcome this mental trauma.


We all have faced anxieties on some level—whether it’s public speaking, getting ready for marriage, anticipating health test results or waiting for a child to be born – and we all find different ways to cope with our anxieities. However, for many of us, we have a higher degree of anxiety, which leads to a panic-like situation and we feel numbed and frozen in a particular situation.

For Aaron Gillies, he was diagnosed with severe anxiety, and while he acknowledges that anxiety is a very individualistic experience, together we can all fight it out. Aaron was diagnosed with depression and took him about 4 years to finally come to terms with his childhood issues in therapy. His depression led on to him having severe panic attacks- and for him, his panic attack could range from dropping a mug in the kitchen to just standing at a bus stop waiting for the bus!

The Book

Spread over 13 remaining chapters, Aaron tackles his experiences in anxiety in all spheres of his life: Getting up in the morning, Commuting, Work, Socializing, Relationships, the Internet, Responsibilities, Relaxation, and Recovery, among others. There is also a very important chapter on how to handle extreme situations such as self-harm and suicide.

The book is not a memoir (something I am happy about) but interspersed through his experiences, he shares various tips and ideas on how to tackle anxieties in the above-mentioned list of various parts of your life. His writing style is rather frank, open, sarcastic and humorous (British humor to be honest) and in all honesty, I had a great time reading the book.

If you know of someone who suffers from anxiety, or you yourself suffer from anxiety attacks, please get this book and do yourself a favor. There is a solution. There is way out. We can all fight this out and recover.


I’ll break down some of the main ideas from each sphere of life– I cannot write in details because you will be bored, hence just the main gist.

A. Morning Routine

Tips on  getting a good night’s sleep

Avoid caffeine after midday; Avoid energy drinks after 4pm; Give your brain a rest (don’t use the phone in the bed!); try a routine

Tips to avoid Agoraphobic Anxiety

Shower; get dressed; Invite a friend round; Skype; Plot your routes outside.

How to Leave Your House

Visualization; Set Goals; Rewards


B. Commuting

Tips for Anxious Traveller

Proper Preparation- know where you are going, and get there early.

Distractions- pack anything that will help you take your mind to a different place.

Treatlets- pack little things to help you with anxiety like sweets.

Exercises- breathing exercises will help.


C. Work

How to make Work more Bearable

Have someone you can talk to

Lay off the caffeine

Get out of the office (take a break from workspace!)

Drink plenty of water

Kill everyone in your office



anxiety 5


D. Socialising

Tips for handling social anxiety

Identify your comfort zones

The only person demanding more from you is you

Excuse yourself when you need to

Look after yourself, you dick!

Practice makes perfect


E. Relationships 

How to get self-confidence back

Give yourself a break!

Treat Yourself

Only contribute to conversations when you want to

Don’t do anything you don’t want to

How to talk to a parter/ friend about your anxiety

Start at the very begunning, a very good place to start

Talk about recovery and getting help from your partner/ friend

Be honest!


F. The Internet

Spending time online

Talk- converse, be supportive. Don’t want to talk, read instead

Don’t read the comments- Avoid!

Like your friends’ selfies

Don’t be a dick!

Look after yourself


G. Responsibilities


Keep lists

Check your balance regularly

Save money but treat yourself from time to time


Take someone you trust with you as plus one

Know your exits

If youa re asked to do a speech and don’t want to do a speech, don’t do it

Don’t worry about how everyone else is doing, worry about how you are doing


anxiety 4

Train Your Brain

anxiety 6anxiety 7anxiety 8


H. Recovery

Positive Thinking






anxiety 1

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