Poseidon (2006)

A better movie I enjoyed was Poseidon, based on another classic The Poseidon Adventure. I wish the makers of The Omen 666 could learn something from the makers of Poseidon in how to remake classic movies.

Wolfgang Peterson, director of Poseidon, has also directed The Perfect Storm, another movie about boat in peril situation. Poseidon is a movie all about the special effects, and surprisingly enough, characters too. This movie is meaner and wilder than Titanic.

An ex-naval officer, a gay retired architect, an ex-fireman, his daughter and secret lover, a mother and her kid are the people who we follow as the massive cruise liner is capsized and turned upside down by a massive rogue wave. Once the boat is upside down, our heros have to make their way to the bottom of the ship, which now at the top. They have to cross an elevator shaft with disastrous consequences. They have to get across the atrium with more disastrous consequences. They have to go through ventilation shaft, only to find the other end is blocked and water rising fast rendering them blocked. They have to get through lot more and every situation is filled with tension and suspense. Several key characters die, which only makes you wonder who will survive because once you see someone you don’t expect to die, you are left with confusion as to who will survive. Only when the movie end do you realize you have been holding your breath the whole time.

Poseidon is an experience, and as a disaster movie, it does require a high level of disbelief (how can a kid hold his breath for more such a long time?) We are introduced to our characters briefly enough for you to not love nor hate them. Over their journey to the top of the boat, you slowly begin to develop affection for these people and soon you don’t want anyone to die, not even the kid!

However, this movie is not about logic or character study, but the real star of this movie is the special effects. The rogue wave, the cruise ship capsizing, the water breaking in flooding the ballroom, the tower of fire, the propellers etc. The effects made this movie believable and a lot of fun.

Watch it for the effects and no-brainer action movie and leave the movie completely satisfied.

PS I always used to imagine walking on ceilings in my house as a kid. This movie is captures that essence to walk on celings!

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