The Underground Railroad

Cora, a black slave woman, intends to escape her plantation through the underground railroads. However, her master Ridgeway is in hot pursuit and wants to capture, at all costs.

The Hunting Party

A reunion among friends in remote Scottish wilderness. They discover a dead body. It’s a murder. Who among them is a killer?

The Wych Elm

When Toby moves to the anecestral family house after being brutally attacked, things go awry when a skull is discovered in the garden. Whose skull is it and what relation does Toby have with it?

The Chalk Man

Who is the Chalk Man and what connection does he have with Eddie’s past?

The Taking of Annie Thorne

Joe returns to his hometown to find out why his sister disappeared 25 years ago. The answers are not what he expected.

The Other People

Three years after losing his daughter, Gabe sees her in another car on the motorway. Is she alive? His curiosity leads him to the Other People.

Heart Shaped Box

What happens when you purchase a ghost online? Do they haunt you? Do they kill you?

A Head Full of Ghosts

Is Marjorie really a schizo or is she possessed by the devil? What are the voices inside her head telling her?

Gwendy’s Magic Feather

An inferior sequel to the first book, this time we have Gwendy dealing with the mystery of two missing girls at Castle Rock, and that Button Box!

The Chain

In order to release your kidnapped child, you need to kidnap someone else’s child. Just don’t break the chain!