Smoke House Burger

The Smoke House burger bun was black on the outside and blue on the inside! Gasp!

Travel Bug!

This is what my Google Search actually does look like…

Fakir Khana Museum

Weekend included a visit to the Fakir Khana Museum, which was such a fun experience. I couldn’t take my car all the way into the inner city of Lahore, and so we parked on Food Street and walked up to the museum. The roads are bustling, and for a weekend, was crowded, with shops, salons…

The Louvre

Experiencing the magical Louvre Museum

The Commuter

My first reaction to hearing of Liam Neeson’s new movie The Commuter was “oh no! not again! this movie will be Taken part god knows what now!” I have to admit I made a mistake. I thoroughly enjoyed The Commuter, and have new found respect for Liam Neeson. All associations with Taken series of movies…