All the Light We Cannot See

6 Year old blind girl Marie-Laure in France and eight year old Werner in Germany are two children caught up in the WW2. They provide support to each other and fight against all odds and show that people can do good to others.

Dear World

An 8-year-old perspective of the Syrian War Crisis in 2016 offers a unique insight into the horrors of war– amidst which Bana tweets to the world for peace and an end to the conflict.


To the uninitiated, “The Battle of Dunkirk was a military operation that took place in Dunkirk (Dunkerque), France, during the Second World War. The battle was fought between the Allies and Nazi Germany. As part of the Battle of France on the Western Front, the Battle of Dunkirk was the defence and evacuation of British and Allied forces in Europe from 26 May to 4 June 1940.”…