Happy Sexy Millionaire

Straight to the point and direct, Bartlett shows us how we have all been lied to about what happiness really is. It’s time to unlearn what we have learned to live the authentic life with happiness, love and success.

The Obstacle is the Way

Ryan Holiday shows us how to overcome our obstacles through three steps: Perception, Action and Will.


Looking to take control back of you life without getting easily distracted? Look no further than Nir Eyal’s book!

The How of Happiness

Backed with evidence and scientific data, Sonja shows us how to successfully achieve happiness.

The Gift of Anger

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Arun, takes us on a personal journey through ten lessons he’s picked up on dealing with anger in a productive and conscious manner.

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing…

Reed’s collection of advice given by people from all walks of life will help you learn the best from those who’ve walked the hard paths in life.