The Guest List

The guests have been invited to the wedding of the year off the coast of Ireland. However, the storm is closing in and before the fun begins, someone is killed. Who did it?

The Wych Elm

When Toby moves to the anecestral family house after being brutally attacked, things go awry when a skull is discovered in the garden. Whose skull is it and what relation does Toby have with it?

Gwendy’s Magic Feather

An inferior sequel to the first book, this time we have Gwendy dealing with the mystery of two missing girls at Castle Rock, and that Button Box!

Gwendy’s Button Box

What if you could get whatever you want in life by pushing the button? Just make sure to not press the red one!


Abandoned by their parents, Nathaniel and Rachel are brought up by an enigmatic man, The Moth and his group of friends. Years later, the children find out the truth about The Moth and their parents.

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

While watching this movie, there were people in the cinema in our row who had literally fallen asleep (and snoring away), while others were playing away Candy Crush. This is where the problem arose. It’s a movie that demands complete and utter attention from the viewers. There is no Mission Impossible style action or sequences…


Sometimes, a movie experience is enriched when you have no foreknowledge of what the movie is about. A very last minute plan had us end up at the latest Bollywood release Te3n, starring Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqi and Vidya Balan. Don’t let the title of the movie put you off (even though it may remind…

The Girl on the Train

When Gillian Flynn came out with her novel Gone Girl, the entire world caught on to it and made it one of the most popular books. So popular was Gone Girl, a movie adaptation was also made. Many authors tried replicating the success of Gone Girl’s novel format, but none could match up to. Till…

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!

Sometimes the less you know about the movie, the higher the entertainment value. DBB is one of those movies. Setting: 1940s, Calcutta. WW2 is in progress. We meet Byomkesh, an awkward youngster whose is requested by a stranger, Ajit, to help him locate his missing father. This being Byomkesh first detective case, we follow his…