In Control

Why do men murder? What makes them tick? Here is a book that will answer these questions and a whole lot more. Relevant reading to help understand and make sense of Noor Mukaddam’s murder.

The Devil You Know

Dr. Gwen allows to explore the mindsets of people who are violent offenders and murderers.

The Hunting Party

A reunion among friends in remote Scottish wilderness. They discover a dead body. It’s a murder. Who among them is a killer?

The Guest List

The guests have been invited to the wedding of the year off the coast of Ireland. However, the storm is closing in and before the fun begins, someone is killed. Who did it?

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

While watching this movie, there were people in the cinema in our row who had literally fallen asleep (and snoring away), while others were playing away Candy Crush. This is where the problem arose. It’s a movie that demands complete and utter attention from the viewers. There is no Mission Impossible style action or sequences…