The Stranger in the Lifeboat

10 survivors on a raft after a shipwreck encounter a stranger found floating on the sea. Who is this unharmed man, and what role does he play in these peoples’ lives?

Happy Sexy Millionaire

Straight to the point and direct, Bartlett shows us how we have all been lied to about what happiness really is. It’s time to unlearn what we have learned to live the authentic life with happiness, love and success.

The Cat Man of Aleppo

The Cat Man of Aleppo shows us how we can change the circumstances around us with determination, motivation and selfless love.

Home Fire

Isma, Aneeka and Parvaiz- three British-Pakistani siblings whose relationships are tested in today’s time. Home Fire is the reimagining of Sophocles’ Antigone.

Enigma Variations

Experience Paul’s journey through love and desire and everything else that comes along with it.

Instant Family

A movie about a couple adopting children. We’ve seen it all before, haven’t we? We know what will happen- the routine where the couple adopts the kids, bring them home, struggle to accept them and their behavior and waiting impatiently to hear the kids utter the words mom and dad. YET, in the hands of…

The Little Big Things

The past has happened and cannot be changed; it can only be accepted. Life is much simpler and much happier when you always look at what you can do, not what you can’t do. Every day is a good day.” Henry Fraser

Reasons to Stay Alive

“Time heals. The tunnel does have the light at the end of it, even if we aren’t able to see it. Words, just sometimes, can set you free.” Matt Haig’s journey into depression (and hell) and back is just the right dose of inspiration we all need in today’s world. 


With a great looking cast, international collaborations (Shreya Ghosal sang the title track and B4U is the international distributor), along with the involvement of Reham Khan – ex-wife of Imran Khan- as the producer, all eyes were on Janaan, the highly anticipated movie of 2016. Verdict: It’s been five hours since I saw the movie…