What happens when you have a haunted story set in an IKEA-styled store? Horrorstor!

The Wych Elm

When Toby moves to the anecestral family house after being brutally attacked, things go awry when a skull is discovered in the garden. Whose skull is it and what relation does Toby have with it?

The Taking of Annie Thorne

Joe returns to his hometown to find out why his sister disappeared 25 years ago. The answers are not what he expected.

Sleeping Beauties

What happens when women world over fall asleep during a pandemic? Just don’t wake them up.

Heart Shaped Box

What happens when you purchase a ghost online? Do they haunt you? Do they kill you?

A Head Full of Ghosts

Is Marjorie really a schizo or is she possessed by the devil? What are the voices inside her head telling her?

A Quiet Place

Sheer terror, A Quiet Place, left me breathless and full of tension till the last minute- and I loved it!

Insidious: The Last Key

It was my birthday in 2011 when I had all my friends gather in my home theater to watch Insidious. No doubt, that was one scary movie and everyone had a rollicking good time. Flash forward two sequels later, and a third sequel screened in the cinema in 2018, I feel like the Insidious series…

The Fireman by Joe Hill

In all honesty, I picked up this book because of the author, Joe Hill, is Stephen King’s son, and Stephen King has been all time favorite author (he’s written some seriously scary novels!). It goes without the saying that I also absolutely loved the cover, with the slightly dotted texture that makes holding the book…


Welcome back M. Night Shyamalan! How awesome it is to see you back in your trademark form by bringing to us Split!   I remember how excited I was when I saw the trailer for Split, that stars James McAvoy as a man with a split personality. Tonight, the cinema hall was buzzing with excitement…