When Stars are Scattered

A true story of two Somalian brothers Omar and Hassan, who lived at a refugee camp in Kenya, and how they beat the odds to secure a life for themselves in the US.

Little Victories

Little Victories shows us what it is like to raise an autistic child through a father’s eyes, and the importance of celebrating little victories along the way.

The Taking of Annie Thorne

Joe returns to his hometown to find out why his sister disappeared 25 years ago. The answers are not what he expected.

Home Fire

Isma, Aneeka and Parvaiz- three British-Pakistani siblings whose relationships are tested in today’s time. Home Fire is the reimagining of Sophocles’ Antigone.

Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel treads through the life and style of the rich and famous in Singapore, all the while struggling to keep her relationship alive with her rich boyfriend.


Abandoned by their parents, Nathaniel and Rachel are brought up by an enigmatic man, The Moth and his group of friends. Years later, the children find out the truth about The Moth and their parents.

The Return

Returning to his country of Libya, Hisham struggles to find his father who was arrested under Qadaffi’s regime.

Instant Family

A movie about a couple adopting children. We’ve seen it all before, haven’t we? We know what will happen- the routine where the couple adopts the kids, bring them home, struggle to accept them and their behavior and waiting impatiently to hear the kids utter the words mom and dad. YET, in the hands of…


A richly-realised family drama that’s a treat to watch, but will it stay with you after it’s over? Find out below…