Imagining Lahore

Rediscover Lahore as we connect the present to the past, with a lot of hidden gems hiding beneath the busy facade of Lahore.

Funny in Farsi

From Iran to California, a look at the humorous coming-of-age life story of Firoozeh and her family.


A unique insight into the secretive world of Saudi Arabia through the eyes of MBS

Convenience Store Woman

Convenience Store Woman is not just about a Japanese woman working at a store, but what’s really convenient for her in life. Funny, witty and darkly-comedic.

Fakir Khana Museum

Weekend included a visit to the Fakir Khana Museum, which was such a fun experience. I couldn’t take my car all the way into the inner city of Lahore, and so we parked on Food Street and walked up to the museum. The roads are bustling, and for a weekend, was crowded, with shops, salons…

Intouchables (2011)

Sometimes, watching foreign movies that don’t make it to the mainstream cinemas can prove to be a wonderful experience.ย  There are many foreign movies (French, Iranian, Italian etc) that do make it big are nominated for the Oscar. Thanks to a friend who recommended this movie, I caught it on Netflix the other night, and…

Mah e Mir

The tagline for this movie is Embrace your Madness, and so it goes with every literary/ creative genius out there. Donโ€™t they all seem to go a little cuckoo in their minds before achieving super stardom? The premise for this Pakistani movie is simple: A struggling poet, Jamal Ahmad, has an issue with the modern…