Dune- The Movie

Dune- the visually stunning masterpiece of a movie- see it on the big screen only!

Couch Fiction

Couch Fiction will take you deep inside what happens in therapy sessions- and who better to show that than Phillipa Perry!

My Sh*t Therapist

Michelle talks about her life as a patient of depression, and her challenges on a day to day basis, one that includes being with some sh*tty therapists.

Happy Sexy Millionaire

Straight to the point and direct, Bartlett shows us how we have all been lied to about what happiness really is. It’s time to unlearn what we have learned to live the authentic life with happiness, love and success.

Sapiens A Graphic History

Sapiens is a brilliant book in itself- undertsanding history through Harari’s eyes was refreshing. Did it really need a graphic novel version though?

My Best Friend’s Exorcism

Abby and Gretchen are best friends at school. Gretchen is possessed by a demon. Abby wants to save her best friend. Will their friendship survives something as intense as an exorcism?

The Happiest Man on Earth

Sent to Nazi concentration camps, Eddie Jaku experienced the horrors of it all- including losing his family and friends. However, he managed to survive it all- and shows us what it takes to be the happiest man on earth.

The Cat Man of Aleppo

The Cat Man of Aleppo shows us how we can change the circumstances around us with determination, motivation and selfless love.