A unique insight into the secretive world of Saudi Arabia through the eyes of MBS

Dear World

An 8-year-old perspective of the Syrian War Crisis in 2016 offers a unique insight into the horrors of war– amidst which Bana tweets to the world for peace and an end to the conflict.

ZipLine Xperience

On a recent trip to Dubai, I signed up for the Zip Line experience. This takes place at Dubai Marina and is the world’s longest urban zipline. The video covers the entire experience, and I still don’t know what possessed me to go ahead and try this out. The feeling of flying down the zipline…

The Louvre

Experiencing the magical Louvre Museum


A Saudi movie secretly shot entirely in the city of Riyadh by a female director. That should be enticing enough to make you watch this. Wadjda had made headlines all over the world in 2013 winning many movie awards and rightfully so. Wadjda is a 9 year old living with her mom and an absent…