Que Rico – From Spain to Lahore!

Que Rico, the Spanish restaurant in Lahore proved to be a hit and miss affair. Que Rico may take you to Spain in bits and pieces, but best avoided if you want real Spanish food.

Over Coming Fears via #Xdubai #Zipline #Xline

It was in 2016 when I first heard about the XDubai, a group that advocated extreme sports and stunts in Dubai. It was the kind of thing I had always wanted to get into: jump off skyscrapers, ride BMX bike up and down the crazy routes, and ultimately skydive! On my recent trip to Dubai,…

Amu- A Unique Fine Dining Experience

Upon the special invitation of Chef Shahnawaz, we headed down to Amu for our Sunday brunch. Having heard so much about Amu from others, we were told that special consideration will be taken for our dining experience. “We’ve even imported specific ingredients just for your meal,” Chef Shahnawaz told us. With that in mind, the…

Secret Superstar

It’s been a while since a great movie has been released at the cinema, with the last highly recommended watch being IT. Amidst all these average movies coming out, Secret Superstar proved to shine like a diamond. Having just watched it over the weekend, I cannot help but feel so inspired and motivated in life….

I’m OK, You’re OK

Understanding your transactions with those around you can help you live out a more meaningful life.

A Congruent Leader

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, right? Well, the picture that I’ve shared here speaks a million words. This picture was taken at a time when things were very shaken up politically. The general elections had just taken place. The two main parties campaigned intensely to secure the majority of seats. The ruling…