Make Your Bed

What does making your bed have to do anything with changing your life!? A lot apparently! 

Designing Your Life

Designing Your Life has been successful in helping me achieve a well-designed life that I love to live!

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements is a simple, no fuss book about four basic life principles that can actually change your life around. This one works!

Liberty Books Blogger!

Finally! It happened! It’s official! After a series of intense emails and phone conversations, I have been shortlisted to join Liberty Books small but exclusive band of Book Bloggers! This is very exciting as I was looking for a larger platform on which to share my book reviews. Liberty Books have been super kind to take…

I’m OK, You’re OK

The Self Help industry is big business. Countless books are written in this genre by these self-help gurus, along with numerous talks and seminars they conduct. The self-help industry has convinced the world that in order to stay happy and lead a meaningful life, you need to read these self-help books and get some expert…

I’m OK, You’re OK

Understanding your transactions with those around you can help you live out a more meaningful life.

When Breath Becomes Air

An accomplished doctor reflects on the meaning on life as he is diagnosed with cancer– when you know you have a limited time on earth, how will you spend that time?

The Spy (Book)

In 1998, a book came out that transformed the lives of millions, and still does so today. It’s a book that’s been quoted by people from all walks of life world over as one of their favourite books. The book is called The Alchemist and the author is world-famous Paulo Coelho. With each subsequent book…