Le Burger

I had never heard of this burger place, till a few friends and my cousin talked to me about it. Last night was my first time experience at Le Burger, thanks to my cousin who took me out for a treat.

The staff were so friendly, giving off a feeling as if we were in their personal kitchen. I later found out that Le Burger is originally from Austria and actually started by a family, whose endeavour is to bring that family-style of service and food to their customers. Their selling point is that of “home-made.”

The highlight for me was the wide array of condiments we could use to make our burger, and if not that, then you can choose from the large variety of burgers on the menu. I opted for the one with pineapples, single patty along with a side of sweet potato fries.

Along with this, we are allowed as many sauces as we want. I naturally opted for the Rosemary-Orange which complimented my burger and sweet potato fries rather well.

They also served us complimentary sparkling water, which actually made for a really refreshing drink. Between the two of us, we had three bottles of sparkling water!

Some of the more fun ingredients that are available are peanut butter, cream cheese, sweet chilli, goat cheese, grilled bananas, dates and figs.

You also have the option of choosing a plant-based burger for those looking for vegan options.

Fun Fact: Le Burger is also part of the DROP IT #rethinkcampaign, which encourages good practices to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Tables are made from recycled wooden planks, sugarcane boxes as takeaway containers, edible straws, and a self-watering botanical wall are just some of the  brand’s sustainable initiatives.

There was something refreshing about Le Burger– My burger was actually nice and I wouldn’t place it in the fast food category, for it did feel like a home-made burger for sure! I think I want to try the peanut butter one next time!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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