The Scene, Pier 7

Pier 7 is a rather cool little building situated at Dubai Marina. It has seven floors and each floor is a different restaurant. My cousin, who had brought me here, had recommended me the ones she’s been to and I suggested we go to the one she hasn’t been to. That turns out to be the one called The Scene on the fourth floor.

The Entrance

We opted for the table by the window so we can get a great view of the Marina. The friendly staff gave us a great table and handed us the menu. The Scene is a casual dining place, and no formalities about it. I ordered the Chip Shop Fish and Chips and my cousin ordered the Thai Basil Beef Salad, along with New York Cheesecake for desserts.

While we were engaged in our conversation, the food showed up, and my fish and chips reminded me of the ones I used to have in London. That’s something I really miss having. I devoured my fish within minutes, along with the mushy peas and tartar sauce. That’s how yummy it was.

Fish and chips, the scene, pier 7

The Thai basil beef salad was equally scrumptious and was something you could have as a stand alone healthy meal.

Thai Basil beef salad

The only disappointment was the cheesecake. While I felt it was a lot better from some of the more horrible ones I’ve, my cousin felt she has had better elsewhere in Dubai.


The Scene is a great place for a casual, fun hang out with some great views of the Marina. Of course, we had to step out after the meal to get some selfies and pictures of the concrete jungle of apartment blocks and hotels.

Since my cousin took me out for a treat, I don’t know how much the bill was for two persons.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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