Sea Prayer

The rough journey of a refugee father and son seeking an escape. Prepared to be emotionally stirred up.

The Chalk Man

Who is the Chalk Man and what connection does he have with Eddie’s past?

The Taking of Annie Thorne

Joe returns to his hometown to find out why his sister disappeared 25 years ago. The answers are not what he expected.

The Other People

Three years after losing his daughter, Gabe sees her in another car on the motorway. Is she alive? His curiosity leads him to the Other People.

Sleeping Beauties

What happens when women world over fall asleep during a pandemic? Just don’t wake them up.

The Institute

Children are kidnapped and sent to an institute where experiments are conducted on them. Till one day, when Luke Ellis escapes, setting in motion series of events leading to its devastating conclusion.


Depression is real. Mental Health is real. Do reach out. Do seek help.
I am here for you.