Bali, Indonesia Visa

Right after I applied for my Thai visa, which came back in one week’s time, I immediately applied for my Indonesia visa for my upcoming trip to Bali.

The visa requirements for Tourist visa are (I am not talking about Business visa and for that there are additional requirements):

  1. Original passport with validity not less than 18 months from the date of travel and previous passports must be attached
  2. Two visa application forms myst be signed and filled completely along with two latest color photographs
  3. Copy of page 1-3 national passport along with copy of previous Indonesia visa (if any)
  4. Copy of latest/ valid National Identity Card (NIC)
  5. Copy of return ticket and hotels
  6. Covering letter from hotel/ travel tour from Indonesia (for tourism purpose)
  7. Bank statements for last six months with minimum balance of US$1,500
  8. Police character certificate
  9. Invitation from Indonesian sponsor mentioning the purpose of visit clearly

The only hassle for me was to get the Police Character Certificate, which can be done easily from the Police center at Liberty Market, Lahore. It is a quick process of filling out the application form, and then getting it signed and attested by officers and submitting the form at the center. Their staff will fill up an online application right in front of you so you can verify the details.

Once this part is done, expect a call from a police officer within a week’s time, and the purpose of this is just to clarify your authenticity and the reason for traveling. So he asked me why I am going to Indonesia, and I had to tell him because I want to visit Bali. He asked me about my job, where I live and my source of income.

Once again, I let my Travel Agent do all the application filling and submitting all documents to the Indonesian embassy in Islamabad. It saved me the hassle of going to Islamabad to submit the documents.

Thankfully, my visa came in two weeks time. I was told my visa could take up to a month, but it took only two weeks (perhaps because of Ramadan). So I had two weeks extra to pack my bags. However, it is advisable to apply for Indonesian visa a month before your travel date.

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