Bangkok, Thailand Visa

Applying for a Thai visa from Pakistan is very easy. I had applied through my travel agent at Travel Fast. The cost of the Tourist Visa fee is PKR 7500/- per person, and the visa is processed within 2 working weeks I received my visa in one weeks’ time.

My flight for Thailand is on 10th June 2019 and so I had applied for my visa two months earlier, as I was also applying for my Indonesia visa- which as I was told could take up to a month. Of course, you can fill out the form yourself, but I find it easier to get it done through the travel agent as they make sure everything is in order and actually carry out the hassle of applying and sending passport etc.

The documents that I needed to submit were:

  1. Original passport with more than 06 months validity and sign on second page + Previous passport       
  2. Visa request on letter head, mentioning: name, passport number, purpose of visit, date of travel, company name, designation and other important information      
  3. 03 passport size photographs blue background¬∑        
  4. NTN copy     
  5. CNIC copy  
  6. Marriage Certificate / Family Registration Certificate Copy if family/wife is travelling with you
  7. Deposit 1 PKR into the visa applicant’s account and photocopy the deposit slips- the Travel Agent will do this for you
  8. The photocopied deposit slips must be signed and stamped    
  9. The Bank Statement must be 1 year and have an amount of not less than 150,000 PKR with account maintenance certificate   
  10. Confirm return ticket – You need not purchase the ticket but your agent can make a booking and submit that ticket

The process for Thailand visa is very easy and quick, and I have rarely heard of any one not getting the visa. (The only time I can think of anyone not getting a visa is if their paperwork is incomplete).

Also, unlike the Indonesian visa, I did NOT require the Police Character Certificate here.

Below is what the Thai Visa looks like:

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