Mansour’s Back!

I have to send my followers a huge apology for being extremely missing in action. I just realized that my last post was back on April 20, 2018. That’s completely and utterly unforgivable! A lot has indeed has happened with me in my pursuit to create a better version of myself as 2018 progressed.

Today, it’s 21st November 2018 and we are nearing the end of yet another year. It’s simply unbelievable how quickly the year has passed by me. Which is good in the sense that because I have been so busy I didn’t realize where the time went by, but on the other hand, it’s another year taken away from my life.

I was also away for most of the summers which also explains my complete absence from blogging.

What made me stop?

So what prompted me to get back into writing? Why did I take so long to restart my writing? In short, I developed a huge writer’s block in May 2018. I didn’t feel like writing and as I decided to take a break from writing, the break eventually prolonged unusually for more than what I had anticipated.

A month ago, I joined a Content Writing course being held at The Writing Institute, the brainchild of a brilliant writer Mr. Awais Khan. I had had the privilege of working with him in a previously held workshop on creative story writing workshop. I had literally forced myself to join the course because nothing else was working. I had told myself that it’s a do or die situation. If I don’t start rewriting then my blog is doomed.

It Worked!

Guess what? It worked! It’s been five weeks since the course, and I have successfully begun writing more and more now. With several prompt writing exercises, I’ve been able to overcome my writer’s block and allowed myself to start writing. With various topics around, I felt a rush writing on the spot and made me remember why I loved writing in the first place.

Along with this, there were lots of various tips that were shared in the class that allowed me to refocus and regather my thoughts and put them all down in words.

I have so much to share with my readers:

  1. My travel experiences (in 2018, it’s been Dubai, Russia, Turkey, and London)
  2. My extensive reading experiences (mostly self-enrichment, with some amazing fiction, not to mention the privilege of meeting the awesome Matt Haig!)
  3. Eating experiences– yes Lahore has PF Changs now! But I will be sharing my eating experiences from my travels for now!
  4. Movies! Have seen some really amazing movies, as well as some awesome TV shows on Netflix.
  5. Finally, taking the plunge to lead a healthy lifestyle– which means working out, cross fit training and revamping my dietary patterns!

Can’t wait to get back to writing!

Till then, peace and love!

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