Urban Kitchen


After having watched the super awesome movie A Quiet Place on Sunday, we ended up at Urban Kitchen for an early dinner. We had no plans to visit here and just happened to see it while driving by. It looked inviting from the outside, so we thought why not?


Urban Kitchen was empty when we arrvied, save for a group of four young college boys seated outdoors. The eatery is located in new building block, so it had a very fresh feeling to it. With a simple yet funky logo, I was reminded of those cool little restaurants in Central London.

The entrance to the restaurant is from the side, which means you have to walk between the building and the outdoor seating area– which can prove to be tricky, as you dodge the umbrellas, the waiters, the chairs ( I don’t know how this will work in more crowded times).


We were greeted by a Filipino woman at the lobby, who took us upstairs in a rather large dining area. The lobby had an interesting feel to it, with one wall completely adorned with black and white framed photographs– out of which I also saw one of Imran Khan’s!


The upstairs dining area had a very fresh, funky feel to it. With well lit up area, neon lights, decent pop music, the vibe was actually quite energetic. So well done to the person who did the interiors! (There were some more diners on my right which is why I dnd’t take a picture of the entire area!)


Of course, at the end of the day, it all comes to the quality of the food. Since this was an early dinner, we opted for Rosemary’s Sweet Fries, Cream of Mushroom Soup and Mac ‘n Cheese.

The clear winner for us was the Mac ‘n┬áCheese. I was immediately back to Houston, Texas, where I had very similar tasting mac ‘n cheese! It was served piping hot, with enough So a huge kudos to the chef for recreating a sensational dish! My guest loved his soup as well so that’s another huge recommendation. The fries were just about all right– something I wouldn’t order again.


Rosemary Sweet Fries – they tasted sweet all right, but something was a little off in the freshness department.
Cream of Mushroom Soup- warm, tasteful with balanced flavors of mushrooms and cream!
Mac n Cheese– the clear winner of the evening! Pure comfort food that I would have while watching Netflix. Cheese and Macaroni—baked and cooked to perfection!
Vintage Pepsi!


Urban Kitch did a fine job– the service was great, the waiters were not hovering above our heads, the order taking and bill collection was efficient and quick. I feel I will need to visit Urban Kitchen several more times to try out some of their more daring dishes, including the Nawabi Butter Chicken.


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