Smoke House Burger

I could write an entire essay about this Smoke House Burger– but I won’t and will instead just rant about it!

It was lunchtime and we opted for New York Coffee at Packages Mall. It is a coffee shop essentially (which we found out isn’t an international chain or anything) that had a great set up. It looked rather inviting and welcoming, with its interiors and all.

I was craving for a burger, and so opted for the Smoke House burger, which promised me BBQ sauce, onion rings, and juicy beef patty. However, what they didn’t promise me was the black bun.

Now, I have no issues with the black bun, but I was surprised with the blue-ness inside once I cut the burger in half.

I mean, who does this? How can you go wrong with this? Why, for the love of God, would you serve a blue/ purple/ indigo colored bun? Not cool! Totally ruined my appetite. (Don’t blame me for the menu didn’t say the bun will be black/ blue/ indigo!)

Needless to say, the burger was just about all right. Nothing to write home about. I’ve had better burgers.

Sigh. Another eatery checked off the list to NOT visit again!

IMG_4604 (1)


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