Farzi Cafe- The Ultimate Modernist Indian Cuisine

You hear Farzi Cafe and you think it must be some quirky Persian dining restaurant (from the word Parsi, perhaps!) Little did I know I would end up with a funky Indian restaurant that actually twisted and shook things up with their own modernist take on it. An evening well spent indeed!

It was a random decision to have dinner at the very popular CityWalk area in Dubai. Walking in the outdoor area between the shops and restaurants, I felt like we were walking down the busy shopping district somewhere in Europe, complete with decorative lights and pleasant weather.

A friend suggested we have dinner at Farzi Cafe. Now, I’ve never even heard of this place and from the outside, it felt like a contemporary European cuisine kind of cafe, but with a name like Farzi, I was drawn towards thinking it would be a modern twist on Persian cuisine.

Only when the menu was given did I realize Farzi Cafe was a modernist cuisine emanating from India! How exciting!

Taken from Farzi Cafe’s website:

“Regarded as ‘The Prince of Indian Cuisine,’ Zorawar Kalra, after the successful exit from his maiden venture credited with introducing one of the most awarded regional cuisine restaurant concepts in India…spearheaded by Mr. Kalra and mentored by his illustrious father & czar of Indian Cuisine- Jiggs Kalra.”

What are they all about?

“Flowing smoke, pebble-like smooth spheres, table theatrics and culinary illusion are a few aspects which describe the Farzi Cafe experience. Elements of molecular gastronomy, modern techniques, customized equipment and table theatrics transform flavors for a unique, high energy, modernist and genre-defining Indian dining experience!”

The experience of being greeted by smart looking and attentive staff made for a warm and inviting experience. They were on hand in helping us decide what to order for our meals.



The Main Entrance- we sat outdoors




The menu was fun and quirky– it’s a unique modern twist to the traditional Indian cuisine! (note how they even have Popcorn Coke!)


I loved how perfectly well shaped these mango shots were. The minute you put them in your mouth, they burst inside, releasing flavors that brings a huge smile to your face!

Believe it or not– but this was a twisted version of fish and chips and even though it looks non-appetising, it actually tasted delicious!




One of the vegetarian option, where you get nuts poured into your green curry sauce, and they mix it up for up! Very theatrical!


The same case with my butter chicken– the chicken itself was covered with paneer- cheese- which made it for a very scrumptious meal! The chicken was so well cooked, with the requisite amount of cheese that didn’t overpower the flavors of the chicken. The butter sauce complemented the chicken– no doubt my meal was finished up entirely leaving me fully satisfied!


The desert– the kulfi had just been taken out from liquid nitrogen, which is what allowed him to break the kulfi into pieces to be covered with sauce.




Absolutely loved the way they brought out the comment card on an old typewriter.

Farzi Cafe is a fun place to be– and for those who love Indian cuisine, with a modern twist that is, will absolutely love this place. I am not big on spices, and so my take on Farzi Cafe has been stupendous.

My meal was paid for so I am not sure what the bill is! 🙂


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  1. dpranita583 says:

    Nice review , When did you have joined for blogging?


    1. I initially started in 2004, but then took many breaks in between. However, I am currently back to active blogging.


  2. dpranita583 says:

    Did you have to face many difficulties after so many years? Now how many traffic you have?

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    1. I didn’t face any difficulty. It all depends on how active you keep your blog. I get substantial traffic now.


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