Red Lobster – Fun, Fresh and Utterly Scrumptious!

Red Lobster, located at Dubai Mall, is an American casual dining establishment. They started off as a single family-owned restaurant in Lakeland, Florida, and have today expanded to the world over. They are purely committed to sourcing their seafood from areas that offer sustainability, traceability and responsible- in other words, they believe in Seafood with Standards.

This was indeed a great place to hang out at with friends. The restaurant just draws you in with it’s charming ambience– that is if you are a seafood fan. At the entrance, there are two tanks with live┬álobsters in them, and you can get to choose one of your own likings- although I had no idea how does one effectively choose one to their preference!

All in all, the food was fresh and scrumptious and Red Lobster actually made eating a lobster a fun experience! Rest of the details are mentioned in the captions!


The main entrance of the eatery



Fresh catch of the day– not to mention how you can get Aed 50 off your next visit!
These biscuits— just pure heavenly! With a crispy and crunchy exterior, the inside was soft and warm, which made for a perfect starter. So good were these, we ordered another basket!
My main meal– lobster! shrimps! prawns! mashed potatoes! I was a little wary of having the lobster– but it was so fresh that there was no distinct smell to it.
The other main meal– though this time with baked potatoes!
They give you a clipper…so you can clip off the lobster to get to the meet. It was a funny moment watching each other clip off the leg of the lobster!
The vegetarian option— not as much fun as the lobster but a great dish regardless!
The sign of a meal well enjoyed!
My own plate….a meal well enjoyed!


The meal at Red Lobster was a treat for my friends for hosting me so well in Dubai. The brilliant thing was that one of the friends has a coupon for 50% off the total bill, so I only had to pay half the bill– which was a great deal for me!

All in all, a wonderful dining experience, in particular for those who are fond of seafood and lobster. Red Lobster has made me a fan and I look forward to going back there again!

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