Chalcos- Authentically Mexican in Dubai!

One of my most favorite cuisines is Mexican, and although I am quite used to the “American” style of Mexican food a la Chilis, I savor having authentic Mexican food. On my recent visit to Dubai, I was introduced to Chalcos, which is a small little eatery situated at Jumeira Lake Towers (JLT).

Chalcos, as I was told, was initiated by an enterprising individual who wanted to bring in authentic Mexican cuisine to the foodies in Dubai. The focus of the eatery will be solely on the food itself- and boy oh boy- do they get it right or what!

The set up is very basic, with typical Mexican decorations with a line up of their sauces. I opted for the Chicken Quesadillas, which I prefer over fajita and burritos. For my drink, I ordered Sangria– the NA version (Non-Alcoholic that is hehe!)

Sitting outside in the pleasant weather, I noticed how a lot of people were eating out from Chalcos on their lunch break. Other restaurants in the vicinity– Veitnamese, Italian- all wore a deserted look while Chalcos had people streaming in. Doing a quick research online, it turns out that Chalcos has some serious following, with an incredible number of 5-star reviews on Facebook, and other platforms. Gosh, I thought, this must be worth it!

Once my food arrived, I dove in! If any food could be authentically Mexican, in its taste, aroma, and flavors, it’s Chalcos! The tortilla bread was warm, soft and not heavy on the stomach– which allowed for the filling inside to take over the palate. WIth flavors bursting of chicken marinated in Mexican spices, capsicums, and onions, along with that oh so delicious sour cream, my meal was perfect in more ways than one. Not to mention how wonderful the Nacho chips and dip tasted– as if they actually came in from Mexico.

In all honesty, as I was having my meal, I felt like I was transported back to Houston, Texas, where a Mexican friend had taken me out to a Mexican restaurant. That’s how good my meal was at Chalcos!

The best part: it’s totally reasonable price-wise. You can easily opt out from going to those high-end eateries and come to Chalcos for less than half the price of what you would pay at other establishments.


Imported from Mexico!


Simple interiors
Straight from Mexico, this drink really hit the spot for me- with a sparkling grape flavor to it.


With stiff competition in Dubai, Chalcos won the award for Best Burrito in 2017.


For further information, check out the Chalcos wesbite and Facebook page.


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  1. Subztitle says:

    I just regret visiting your site before lunch, now my stomach is roaring lol
    The tortilla texture seems to be light which means more room for more amazing foods.
    Nice blog by the way 🙂

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    1. Haha! I am hungry myself now!

      Liked by 1 person

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