Liberty Books Blogger!

Finally! It happened! It’s official!

After a series of intense emails and phone conversations, I have been shortlisted to join Liberty Books small but exclusive band of Book Bloggers! This is very exciting as I was looking for a larger platform on which to share my book reviews. Liberty Books have been super kind to take me on to blog for them.

The best part? I will be given complimentary books and giveaways as part of the deal! How exciting is that!?

As it is, there are only two books stores in Lahore that I frequent a lot: Liberty Books and Readings. I also like The Last Word a lot, but shopping from there is an expensive business– and I stick to getting a graphic novel or an exclusive book when it’s not available anywhere else.

I am fond of Liberty Books because of the Loyalty Card program they have introduced. I collect points when I purchase books, and then I can redeem my points to get more books! In addition to this, I get all my magazine subscriptions from them as they provide very timely and speedy service!

In Lahore, they are located at Emporium Mall (Pop Up Store) and at Packages Mall, and can also be found online here. Liberty Books will also be seen at the upcoming Lahore International Book Fair being held from Feb 1st to Feb 5th, 2018.

As of now, I am in a moment of #gratitude!



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