Che-Won: From Korea to Lahore!

It had been more than four years since I went to Udon House, a small Korean eatery that had opened up by a cute Korean couple. The woman would prepare and cook the meals herself in the open plan kitchen, and I remember at that time how popular it had become with the Lahoris.

Last night, I went there again, though this time the two major difference are the name change- Che Won- and the fact it’s not a little eatery anymore as they have expanded the dining area.

Situated on the ground floor of Hotel One on Mehmood Kasuri road, there was a massive issue with finding parking space, but I didn’t mind since the food more than made up for the hassle.

Che Won

Che Won is simply a no hassle, no frills kind of restaurant. The menu is simple and straightforward and really only two major items that everyone seem to order. Right after we ordered our meals, they places two small bowls, one with cucumbers and the other with veggies covered with Korean spices.


For starters, we got the veggie pancakes, which felt and tasted something akin to our omelettes, minus the Pakistani spices, and instead filled with Korean spices and mushrooms.


I ordered the Bulgogi, which is basically under-cut beef that is marinated “to enhance its flavour and tenderness” and is eventually pan-cooked, and is served with rice. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my meal. It has been literally months since I’ve enjoyed good quality beef that’s been cooked extremely well. I was able to finish my entire meal without feeling sick or overwhelmed.


My friend ordered the Bibimbab, which is apparently a very popular Korean dish. This is basically rice, topped with various vegetables, mushrooms, beef and fried egg, mixed with Korean chilli paste in a bowl. He added the soy sauce to it and mixed it all up.



Che Won is a perfect place to have a quick, decent, good quality Korean meal with no frills and hassles that come along with eating at other restaurants.

Please zoom in and read the details on the right side about idea behind the Korean Mask…’s used for exorcism purposes! Gasp!

We didn’t order any starters as the single starter and two main courses was just about right to fill our stomachs. Total bill for two person worked out to be at Rs. 2700/-

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  1. Usma says:

    I also enjoyed the food of this restaurant.


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