Ki and Ka

I can imagine what must have happened at the director’s office: Hey, let’s make a movie for today’s generation. Let’s twist the traditional rom-com that Bollywood is churning out these days. I know, I have an idea, says the director, let’s turn the traditional setup upside down. Let’s make the husband the kind of person who wants to stay home, and be a home husband, and let’s make the wife a career oriented woman who wants nothing but to take her career to new heights.

Audience reaction after watching the movie for some two odd hours: what the hell did I just see?

Ki is Kia (Kareena Kapoor), who plays a woman who wants to take her advertising career very far. She’s the “fast-fast” go-getter kind of person. She explains she’s lost her dad when she was two, and so since then life has been fast paced. Her mother is a very chilled out woman, who herself doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage: life is too short to bound yourself to marriage- be single, be free and enjoy life, so she says.

Ka is Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) who doesn’t like his dad very much. He misses his mom a lot, who passed away 10 years ago. He has this cool segway which he uses to roam around in Delhi. He comes from a very rich family, but apparently, he doesn’t have a job. He says that women who stay at home are not merely doing nothing, but rather they are “artists” and they do their part. So we understand where Kabir’s desire to be a home husband comes from through his monolog.

Kia and Kabir meet, in what is the best part about the movie. He shares about being wanting to be like his mom and be a stay at home husband. She shares about being wanting to work and work, and tie herself down to marriage and take on the responsibilities of a stay at home wife.

Once they get married, the movie starts to nosedive. Jealousy sets in between the two, and they start to fall out. But then, in the next scene, they are seen in bed together. This inconsistency in human behavior just detached the audience and we couldn’t invest in these two characters on an emotional level. Subplots are introduced (the cheating maid, the pregnancy scare, the financial burden) but they are quickly and neatly glossed over.

The structure of the movie is episodic and the narrative flow don’t seem to blend in well, making you feel like you are watching a series of smaller episodes about the life of Ki and Ka.

Kareena Kapoor does a great job, though. She looks amazing, and plays the role of an ad executive to the T. However, it’s the script that has let her down. Arjun Kapoor, on the other hand, though good in a few parts, just didn’t cut it out for me. He couldn’t bring any emotions to his character, and just looked very confused about a lot of things.

The surprise appearance from Bollywood’s biggest star and his wife post interval proved something of a pleasant distraction, and their conversation, complete with facial expressions, presents a unique insight about gender equality and role reversals.

Whatever it is, I am pretty sure the concept must have sounded very solid on paper, and one wishes the director should have taken the plot into a deeper territory addressing this issue in a very mature manner, but instead, we get a light-hearted rom-com that seems to have gone off in different direction without some sort of logical conclusion. But then again, this is Bollywood!

2 out of 5 (1 for Kareena Kapoor, and 1 for the conversation between Bollywood’s biggest star and his wife!)

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