Mad Max Fury Road

“My name is Max. My world is blood and fire.”

That my friends, is how we are introduced to this post apocalyptic world where water and fuel are scarce in the vast barren desertlands or, as they say in the movie, wastelands. We know that the movie will be a violent and a gritty one when in the opening scene Max kills a two-headed lizard and eats it up.

The story in short: water is a rare commodity, and is in the hands of Immortan Joe, a ruthless leader who keeps the people under his control. Furiosa (an incredible Charlize Theron) is a brave, strong headed woman who transports fuel in her War Rig. She suddenly becomes rogue and thus ensues a wild car chase that’s equivalent to the world’s most intense roller coaster ride, ten times more. Max (Tom Hardy), who is earlier taken captive, manages to escape and his path is crossed with Furiosa.Together, they work with one another to get a group of young women to a place called Green. How they get there, facing head on villains and desert storms forms the crux of the movie.

George MIller has done a brilliant job of etching out Mad Max. Comparisons may be made to the original Mad Max, starring Mel Gibson, but the new one is miles ahead.

The 20 minute car battle/ chase scene is so wildly entertaining and rip roaringly crazy, you are almost holding your breath the entire time. The action sequences, the fire, the blood, the weapons are all so deliciously captured in amazing 3D, you cannot help but be immersed in the action.

Surprisingly enough, there are also moments when we get to know Max and Furiosa, with a little of their back story which adds depth to the movie. The night scene were so beautiful that I felt like pausing the movie just to witness the scene. The music, with crazy guitar strings, was top notch. Miller does a tremendous job of balancing out the intense action scenes with humor that actually makes you chuckle.

Tom Hardy as Max is pure class. Hardy did a great job playing Bane in The Dark Knight Returns, and here he churns out a formidable character. He doesn’t speak much and and it’s extremely difficult to channelise the character’s emotions through sheer acting. Upstaging Hardy, in my opinion, is Charlize Theron as Furiosa. I had completely forgotten what a talented actress she is. It was a delight to see her do such a meaty role. She held out on her own. Interestingly, Miller portrayal of women in the movie is a rather pleasant one: they are not merely damsels in distress, but can take on the hardest of criminals on their own.

A wild cinematic roller coaster of a ride that will throw you up and down and sideways and still come out unscathed. Like one of the characters says in the movie, “what a lovely day,” that is exactly what I will say to you: have a lovely day at this movie, and don’t drive home!

5 out of 5

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