Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!

Sometimes the less you know about the movie, the higher the entertainment value. DBB is one of those movies.

Setting: 1940s, Calcutta. WW2 is in progress.

We meet Byomkesh, an awkward youngster whose is requested by a stranger, Ajit, to help him locate his missing father. This being Byomkesh first detective case, we follow his treacherous path as he encounters mysterious damsels, crazy politicians, shady drug dealers and room mates who are not who they seem to be. In over two hours we get to experience the adventures and misadventures amidst the beautifully recreated city of Calcutta. This is a place where behind the surface, everything and anything goes.

I won’t give much of the story away but I can tell you this much that DBB! Is a visual masterpiece. Like they say, God is in the details, and this movie has so much details all over it just made for such a delightful watch. It does get a little slow during the middle, but then again this is one of those slow-burning tension movie. Even though you may recognize the villain, there are enough red herrings throughout the movie to keep you guessing, just like we were suspecting one of myriad characters to be the culprit and actually were saying out loud: s/he has to be the villain!

I felt like watching one of those classic adventure/ detective movies (think Indiana Jones meets Tintin!). The adventurous spirit in me had awoken. As an architect myself, I couldn’t help myself from indulging in the city of Calcutta. There was much to gorge on, from the impeccable mansions, to the old world trams with Lipton ads to the street dwellings with cobbled paths. The costume (our hero wears the local dhoti!), to the music (the clever use of modern music works really well) to cinematography to the slow motion action scenes—all work really well. Acting was very good from all fronts, and the lead actor Sushant Singh has done a marvelous job. This is a solid movie with a great script which will earn this movie the success it deserves!

Just like a matinee show, my two hours were spent very well!

4.5 out of 5

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