The wedding preparations are on and the everyone is in a frenzy. Rani has big dreams for her life after marriage. A day before the wedding , Vijay tells Rani the marriage is off and so the world comes crashing down for simpleton Rajpouri Delhi girl Rani.

What does she do? Instead of sitting in self misery, she decides to go on the honeymoon trip all by herself (since everything is paid for anyways). In the process, she meets new people, gets mugged, eats new food, makes international friends and experiences what we call “life” and ultimately discovers she can actually do all those things she was not “allowed” back home and be ok with it.

So what’s the big deal about Queen? It’s Kangana Ranaut. She is in one word: incredible! Forget all your Deepikas and Kareenas, this is a woman we need to watch out for. Very quickly she dives into the character of Rani and we can see the gradual change in her as she evolves into a completely new person. The script is fast paced, the comedy is actually funny, the usual family melodrama is avoided, the songs fit right in — basically a near flawless movie. The international actors in Paris and Amsterdam don’t come across as cliched at all (like they did in English Vinglish) and that made the movie a whole lot more likeable.

After Dedh Ishqiya and Highway, Bollywood is indeed turning a new leaf of some sorts by bringing out such films. Queen is a great comedy-drama movie with a warm heart and will definitely leave a massive smile on your face.


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