American Hustle

Set in the 70s (loosely based on a scam that shook America in ’78), the movie takes us through the lives of a fraudster (a pot bellied Bale) and his mistress (Adams with the lowest dresses ever worn), a charged up FBI agent (Cooper with his impeccable comic timing), a mayor with his own agenda (Renner playing Italian American) and the fraudster’s wife (electrifying Lawrence).

Starting off with a small scam that eventually snowballs into a more elaborate scam that involves an Arab “Sheikh” and a gun friendly mafia leader (surprise cameo), it’s a fun comedic movie to watch as they all try to outdo one another. The 1970’s setting is immacultely realized through set deisgns, hair and costumes and catchy soundtrack. The movie does lack the drive it so badly needs at some points (I yawned at several points) and becomes a bit of a drag with the detailed love story, but it makes up for that with the brilliant acting all around. No wonder this movie has become a front runner for the Oscars race.

Important point made in the movie: “People believe what they want to believe. This is the way the world works. No black and white, always grey.”

And that folks is what the world is indeed all about!


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