Dedh Ishqiya

Set in Mahmudabad, Para Begum, a widower, lives all alone with her friend Muniya in a grand Haveli. She is looking for a Nawab to marry and the only condition is the Nawab has to be a poet. Enters Iftekhar, a run away thief, along with his partner in crime Babban, to woo Para Begum. Iftekhar has tough competition from another Nawab, Jaan Saab.

What ensues is mayhem, madness and a lot of fun as old relations are revived, some are exposed, some learn the hard way and everyone learns what true love means for them.

Naseerudin Shah (After Zinda Bhaag and this, I am a big fan of his now!) and Madhuri Dixit have played the roles extremely well and the use of Urdu language proves to be a masterstroke in this movie as poets recite poems and ghazals. Infact it was so infectious it made me want to speak fancy Urdu! Arshad Warsi and Huma Qureshi have also excelled in their roles, along with Vijay Raaz as Jaan Saab.

Great decent comedy, amazing Urdu dialogues, excellent acting, this is what Bollywood needs to make more off instead of trashy movies like Dhoom 3! (We also see why Madhuri is a great dancer too in a standout central scene!)

Be wary of the ending; the twist is twisted enough to throw you off tracks. You don’t see it coming at all.

4/ 5

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