Life of Pi

So much has been written about Life of Pi the movie and I for one was one of the most excited human being on the face of the planet waiting breathlessly for the movie to come out. Long ago, I had written a book review on Life of Pi and since then have been re-reading it and recommending the book to a lot of people. My own original copy was stolen by a very unkind guest at my house. 🙂

I knew I would be experiencing a visual treat with the movie version of the book. Everything, in my opinion, was spot on. The acting, especially by Suraj Sharma, who plays the young Pi stranded on the boat, and Irfan Khan who plays the adult Pi, is top notch. Other notable mention is Tabu, who plays Pi’s mother, in a short but effective role.

However, the stand out of the movie is Richard Parker, and I would forgot completely that the Bengal tiger we see on screen is computer generated. The entire movie is a visual masterpiece, and one is completely immersed in the movie. After Avatar, Life of Pi is that one movie where the technology of 3D is justified in the movie.

I won’t get into the story, since everyone knows about it anyways, but I will say that it’s an emotional and moving one, with an amazing message brought to screen in a very non-preachy way: There is a God who exists and is in control of our lives.

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