The Bourne Supremacy

My dad and I saw The Bourne Supremacy today, starring Matt Damon. If you remember, there was a movie called the Bourne Identity released several years ago. Well, The Bourne Supremacy is the second part.

Once the movie started playing, my dad and I were completely involved in the movie. Not a word was uttered. Right from the first scene, right down to the last one, it was pumped-up, adrenaline-rush, fuel-filled movie. It was also a very intelligent movie, not one of those brainless-no-nonsense action movie. Damon portrays Bourne, an assassin killer emplyed by the CIA, who suffers from amnesia. The movie picks off where it left off in the first part.

A botched CIA operations job in Berlin suddenly leads all roads to Bourne, and Bourne is on the run. Bourne tries to regain his memory of who he is and why he is a target. The CIA meanwhile try to capture Bourne. It’s an awesome vat and mouse thriller/ suspense that spans from India, to Italy to Germany to the States. The action is continous. The suspense is high, and the ending is completely satisfying. Another thing with this movie is that it doesn not insult the inteligence of the viewers. All the sequences make sense and look completely plausible and real.

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