I just saw Babel on the DVD tonight. Thankfully I didn’t get to see it in the cinema for it would have been heavily censored this missing out on key points in the movie. The title of the movie Babel refers to the incident mentioned in the Bible, where arrogant people were attempting to build a massive tower to reach up to God, and God suddenly caused everyone to speak in different languages, thereby confusing everyone; Babel being the byword for miscommunication.

We follow several different stories.

A Moroccan buys a rifle gun and teaches his two sons how to use it to kill the jackals to avoid their goats being killed. While practising their aim, one of the boys accidentally shoots the tour bus.

An American couple with soured relationship are forced to spend time in a local Moroccan village where the wife is bleeding seriously. With no one to speak English fluently, the husband finds it a chore to get an ambulance to help save his wife.

While, over in Japan, a deaf-mute girl tries to lose her viriginity from as she learns to deal with the loss of her mother.

In the States, a Mexican nanny is forced to babysit the two kids, as her employer is unable to give her time off. The nanny wants to make it to Mexico for her son’s wedding, and decides to take the two white kids into Mexico.

As we follow the stories of these people, we realize that the movie is taking us to a point where it will all inter-connect somehow. While the movie may be slow for some, I think it’s one amazing movie to watch, especially as we can relate to some situations where our lack of cultural understanding and lack of knowldge of a foreign country can put us into unenviable situations. The acting is top notch and everyone seems very natural in their element. However, its the cinematography and the music that’s the most wonderful thing about this movie.

Bable was nominated for Best Movie at th Oscars, and won several awards around the world at various film festivals. Make sure to check it out and just be aware of the heavy mature content.

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