Say Anything

Last night I saw a movie Say Anything, which is one the classics from the 80s. I couldn’t believe I missed this movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Say Anything is an extremely simple movie with a massive impact. It’s about Lloyd Dobler, who is an easy going, laid back high school guy who just graduated. He falls in love with Diane Court, who is a rich, intelligent girl living with her dad, often in her world as she is often alone. Lloyd is surprised, as is everyone around him, when Diane agrees to hang out with him and be his girlfriend. Of course, her father isn’t too happy as he sees big dreams for his daughter who has just won the Reed Fellowship in England. How they pursue their relationship overcoming obstacles forms the crux of the movie, with a couple of twist.

The great about this movie is its simplicity. There are only three principal characters, and as simple it is, it’s also very complex as the two main leads fall in love for the first time. The best thing in the movie was the song In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

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