We saw Turistas last week, and for those not in the know, Turistas is the Brazilian word for Tourists. Turistas is a movie best billed as a mixture of Wolf Creek/ The Descent/ Hostel.

A bunch of backpackers riding a bus suddenly find themselves stranded on the roadside as the bus encounters an accident. They soon discover a beach down by the roadside and make their way towards it. Like the scene from the movie The Beach, these backpackers think they have found paradise, and meet up with other foreigners too. They ensue in drinking, partying and dancing all night, with a couple of backpackers getting a little too friendly with the local Brazilian women.

However, the next morning, our backpackers find themselves all alone, with all their belongings, passports, cash, cell phones stolen. They make their way towards the local town, where they some of their stolen items being worn by the kids. A chase ensues when Kiko, a local Brazilian guy tells these backpackers that he will take them to his uncle’s house for rest and help.

In the meantime, we get to see the locals get to work, with one doctor telling his comrades that he wants these backpackers alive. We all know the what the doctor wants. Their organs!

While the movie starts off well, building up the tension, it fails to hold any attention from the viewers as the movie descends into a typical Hollywood flick, where the good guys beat out the bad guys and have a happy ending after all! Unlike Hostel, Wolf Creek and The Descent, Turistas plays it safe. I think the other major dissapointment was how the movie’s main scene, which is a major shock element, was censored and that totally ruined it for everyone. I wanted to like this movie, because I like such kind of movies, but Turistas failed to cut it for me.

A good build up, good cinematography, especially the underwater caves scene, which was effective enough to make you gasp for air yourself, but let down by a typical ending which fails to leave any impression on the viewers.

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