Adventures in Babysitting

Along with The Goonies, Labyrinth, Stand By Me, Spaceballs and countless other 80’s movies, one of my sole favorites was Adventures in Babysitting. My brother brought me the DVD of that movie and I watched that movie much delight. It still holds up to its name and is still one of my favorite movie ever.

Adventures in Babysitting is about Chris Parker, a 17 yr old dumped by her older boyfriend, and is asked to babysit the Anderson kids, a 10 year old girl whose hero is Thor, and her older brother who is a freshman in high school with a massive crush on Chris. Chris’ friend Brenda makes a frantic phone call from downtown Chicago, and thus begins the adventures as Chris takes the kids, and an annoying neighbor friend too. Car blow outs, get car-napped, almost shot at, followed by gangs, getting stabbed, having to sing the blue, and climbing the outside of skyscrapers.

Every second of the movie was so enjoyable, I was immediately transported back to my home in Saudi where I watched this movie countless number of times. The two songs And Then He Kissed Me and Babysitting Blues are still cool to listen to.

It’s amazing to see a movie more than 10 years later and have all your memories, some forgotten ones too, come back in an instant.

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