Last week I saw this movie called Click, which has Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, ChristopherWalken, David Hasselhoff and Sean Astin. The movie must be good, I thought with a cast like that. Well, yes, it was a good movie and I enjoyed it, despite it sharing a Bruce Almighty-ish theme.

Adam Sandler is an over-worked architect (!) who has no time for his wife and two kids. He hasn’t complete the treehouse he started for the kids, and now he doesn’t have time to go camping with them. Even at the family barbecue he is on the phone with his boss, who offers him a lucrative deal to get him promoted in the company. Stressed out and tired from his family, he heads to Bed Bath and Beyond, where he sees a small door with the signboard saying Beyond. In goes our man, to meet with Walken, who gives Sandler a universal remote.

With this remote, Sandler can control the people and situation around him by pausin, rewinding, forwarding, muting and pausing them. He mutes his barking dog, fast forwards his wife’s constant nagging, rewinds to his past to remember something for the present, and slo mo the sexy stuff. Everything seems to be going well, till the moment where the remote feeds into its memory the most repeated action by Sandler, and auitomatically fast forwards his life.

Sandler finds himself growing older and older, to the point where he sees his little kids all grown up and his wife leaving him for another man. Sandler becomes old enough to suffer medical complications and before we know it he is at the end of his life. At the cost of forwarding through his life, he realizes that he has missed out on quality time with his family, and wishes he could go back and spend more time with theminstead of making it big in his career.

Being a Sandler movie, this movie is not without the typical Sandler gags of farting and kicking in the groin parts, but surprisingly enough, barring those scenes, Sandler is actually playing an endearing man with emotions. One of my favorite scenes is when he rewinds to the part in his life where he ignores his ailing dad and tells him to leave. It was an emotional scene to see him rewind that part, and tell his dad, who is in a paused moment, that he loves him.

One other scene which got me thinking was when Sandler realizes that he can view any part of his life, and that reminded me of the Book that God keeps on our life. On Judgment Day, everything that we have done in our lives will be exposed, and as the Quran says, every little good and bad thing you have done, it will come out in the open. When seeing Sandler go through his past life, I realized there were some parts of my life that I would like to keep hidden and not re-visit, but wil have to one day.

Don’t read too much into the movie- just enjoy it for what it is: a comedy about spending more time with your family because “family comes first!”

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