Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

When it comes to Indian movies, I only watch Aamir Khan or Shahrukh Khan movies in the theatres, because these actors guarantee a good movie. Other Indian movies, I will avoid at cinema and wait for DVD. One such movie I watched in the theatre recently was Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna– Never Say Goodbye.

The maker of this film was troubled by the rising number ofa failed marriages and according to him, there are three kinds of marriages: 1. where the guy and girl love each other and marry (which the director agrees with); 2. where marriages are arranged, some which work well others which fail (something he doesn’t understand till today); 3. and finally, a marriage where people marry for money, family, name, or parental pressure, and it is with this kind of marriage does the movie ask the question: what if you married someone, and find out your soulmate is someone else? What do you do?

Dev (SRK) is married to Rhea (Preity Zinta). Maya (Rani) marries Rishi (Abhishek) and she marries him bceause his family took her under their shelter and looked after her when her parents were killed. Just before Maya marries, she meets Dev, and realizes how well she connected with him. Dev asks Maya why she is marrying, and she stumbles upon that question. Why exactly is she marrying Rishi? Is it love? It is because she feels obligated to his family?

4 years later, Maya and Dev bump into each other, and while they remember their first encounter, they are married people now, not to each other but to their spouses. However, Maya’s relationship with her husband isnt peachy where he wants sex with her all the time. Dev’s marriage is on the rocks, as his over-ambitious wife is the bread winner of the house since Dev has a permanent leg injury rendering him ineffective as an athlete. Their marriages are failed marriages. Hence Maya and Dev become good friends, with the sole purpose of helping each other with their marriages, and in the process realize how much they are actually meant for each other. Their intial friendship turns into a blooming love affair, with extremely disastrous consequences for their respective spouses and marriages. Hence the tagline: a love that broke all relationships.

Dev’s wife leaves him. Maya’s husband asks her to leave. So the two friends turned lovers leave their marriages, all the while telling each other that they are still with their spouses. Will Dev and Maya ever find out they are single? Will they ever get together? Or will their respective marriages be saved? Will Rhea forgive Dev and take him back, or will she marry her boss? Will Rishi take back his wife, or completely cut her out? The story reaches climax when another 3 years pass with Dev and Maya realizing the truth about each other.

No doubt this movie is an amalgamation of several movies (think Silsilay, Brief Encounter and Closer) but it’s an interesting, and a uniquely different one, for an Indian movie. For the first time, the movie keeps it real and no candyfloss romance or running around the trees kind of thing. There are two lessons to be taken out of this movie: 1. marriage should be based on love only and 2. you should not wait to tell anyone you love them, if you want to say it, say it now because no perfect time will come ever for you to say that.

My favorite scene in the movie clearly is when the two couples are having dinner, and Dev confesses ever so seriously to his wife that he is in love with another woman, and everyone is shocked, only for him to say he is joking. So much tension in that scene.

On the technical side, the acting is superb (Amitabh was being over), but Rani stole the show from everyone! She is an awesome actress. The songs were memorable; my favorite one being Mitwa, which I found out later was sung by a Pakistani singer of the Fuzon band. The scenes dealing with the relationships were exectued well. My only concern was the tasteless comedy at some points, but it made sense to have that comedy considering the serious nature of the movie.

All in all, a good night out, and a well made movie.


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